Thursday, February 14, 2013

Most Romantic McKinney Moments...

My husband wrote on our marriage blog today about how he once gave me a very unromantic Valentine's gift.  While the memory of that one has yet to fade, he's done far more "very romantic" gestures than "unromantic guffaws" I assure you.  I thought I'd spend some time giving him credit for some of my favorites.

10.  Just before Sarah was born, Blake gave me a rocking chair for her nursery.  I'm pretty sure he knew it was a safe purchase not only because it would be wonderful to rock Sarah in, but also because old people sit in rocking chairs...and we were too OLD for a new baby! 

9.  Last year Blake asked me to help him with a sermon on marriage.  I'm not the scholar nor am I particularly the most eloquent public speaker, so it communicated to me that he both trusted and valued my take on the subject.  I almost threw up over the whole ordeal, but it was sweet of him to include me.

8.  Every year on my birthday (December 22nd) Blake finds an overtly romantic restaurant for us to celebrate together amidst the normal holiday hustle and bustle.  He even arranges the baby sitter!  That earns him bonus points in the romance department!

7.  As much as he makes fun of me for watching it, it's romantic to me that he would rather read a book sitting right beside me in bed while I watch Downton Abbey after the kids go to bed.  He could easily go downstairs and watch NCIS on the other television, but he chooses to stay in the same room with me. 

6.  Speaking of reading, early on in our marriage before we had children, we would go shopping together.  Blake HATES to shop, but he would take a book and contently follow me from shop to shop with his book.  He would sit on a bench outside and just wait for me to shop til I dropped.  He never complained one bit! 

5.  He bought me my first IPhone for Valentine's Day a few years back.  Seriously, that was romantic to me because he hates to spend money!

4.  Since he bought my phone for Valentine's Day originally, my upgrades are due around Valentine's Day.  This year Blake upgraded my phone for my birthday...that's 2 months early!!  Love that man!

3.  Years ago, to celebrate my first job, Blake did one of those cutesy scavenger hunts that ended with ice cream.  I've never forgotten that!  We were about 12 back then and newlyweds. We had just moved to seminary, and I was scared to death!  I fell in love with him for the thousandth time that day!

2.  He's planned and executed about a thousand fun couple and family trips!  Our first anniversary he took me to a bed and breakfast on a sheep farm in Kentucky. We spent our 5th anniversary on a cruise!  We spent our 15th anniversary in NYC!  And we spent almost two weeks in a crazy romantic beachside bed and breakfast for our 20th anniversary!  The man can plan a seriously romantic getaway and he spares no expense! 

1.  He picked me!  Seriously, sometimes I still can't believe it!  If you know us then surely you've figured out we are pretty different.  He's brilliant and quiet and calm and content and a city boy.  I'm...well, I'm none of those things!  He deserves someone who has it as together as he does, but chooses me again every day!  He completes me...yes I know I stole that line but it's true!  I adore him!


Natalie Curp said...

I love this!!! #7 is my favorite! Brian and I sometimes watch tv shows that only one of us likes just because we want to be in the same room together. I think we need to work some #2 into our life! Thanks so much for sharing!

Natalie Curp said...

I love this!!! It is so awesome that he is so loving and kind to you and has done all of those wonderful things! It is also awesome that you took the time to brag on him and speak his love language with words of affirmation! You guys are great and it is a blessing to know you both! Thanks for being such a good example of God's plan for marriage!