Thursday, July 18, 2013

This is why PK's are the way they are...

I'm finally getting a chance to post something from last week...I wrote this about a week ago but thought it was just so insightful. (Not really but it's so indicative of us!) Pretend its last week!

So VBS has been going on this week at FBC Lee's Summit.  I point that fact out simply because it should tell you the frame of mind as well as the level of energy we have at our house this week.  Keep that in mind as you read...

Honestly, have you ever wondered why pastor's kids are usually THE WORST kids? 

Now to be honest, I have many friends from college who grew up as pastor's kids and turned out great!  My college suite mate, Robin, was a perfect pastor's daughter.  She was always kind and sweet, Godly, passionate about serving others, and only stayed out past curfew one time that I can recall!  (I love you Robin, but surely you remember that night!)  She did marry that guy anyway!  Robin is probably the reason I, against all PK odds, have higher expectations for my kids.

Something happened today that might explain this "pastor's kid = wild child" phenomenon.

As Blake and I were driving with Sarah on our way back to church from lunch at Jason's Deli after a particularly spiritually charged morning of VBS (because you evidently CAN come to know Jesus on a roller coaster), she asked a profound question.

"How did people get the bible?"

I thought DR. McKinney was about sprout angel wings!  He got that look in his eye that only preachers get when they sense someone in the vicinity has an honest spiritual question. He looked as though his very reason for living had just been identified! I swear I heard the Chariots of Fire theme as I almost literally saw the wheels of his brain turning as to how to explain the divine process of how we have God's very words in our hands!

There was this elaborate explanation of canonization and transmission. He may have even mentioned the Dead Sea scrolls at one point. Sarah, at the tender age of 5 years old, was fortunate enough to get at least 2 weeks worth of Biblical Survey notes in less than 5 minutes! 

Finally I noticed the glazed look in her eyes. Then I realized she was so me! 

"But Dad, where did my teacher buy the pretty Bible she reads from?"

It was a shopping question!!!  Not a theological question!

"Probably Mardel, Honey."

I actually felt sorry for Dr. McKinney.

And I believe that might partially explain why preacher's kids have issues. 

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