Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Change is good. Obedience is best!

It's been an interesting week!  First of all, I decided to go back to being a brunette. 

Let's just be honest, I'm married to a pastor so I don't really go very crazy with fashion or accesories. Changing my hair is about as crazy as I get! I love watching people's first reactions when they figure out who I am! Crazy Gayla...I usually like a little change every season and I'm praying it is actually cool enough very soon to call it a new season. 

Speaking of changes, we are making some at the McKinney house.  I assure you that God is always at work, but I've seen it more in my own life this week than I've noticed in awhile. As I've said before, you really should be careful how you pray! 

I've been praying for some specific things for my kids and their schools. I've also been praying some huge things for the women in my church as well as 118 different churches in the Midwest with whom I work on behalf of LifeWay Women. I've been asking God to move in those people, but He's moved in ME!

That's just like Him, isn't it!

As I've asked God to give my children at least one believing teacher who will hold them accountable for living out their faith at school, God has undeniably spoken to me that I'm missing the privilege of being more present with my children. I hold them accountable for being Christlike, but they need me actually with them more. (I'm sure my teenage sons would not agree with this need for Mom, but what do teenage boys know anyway!)  I've been so busy with work that I've missed gym practices, concerts, curriculum nights, and homework duties. God has spoken to my heart, "You be more involved in those schools and your children. Put feet to your prayers!"

As I've prayed for women all across the Midwest, He's tugged gently at me to say, "You minister to the women in your own community!" I've become quite adept at encouraging and teaching women how to do women's ministry and forgotten my own true calling. I am not called to teach ministry, I am called to minister. 

So, to make room for obedience, we are making some changes around our house. Today I gave two week's notice at my part time sales job. That job was a gift from The Lord to enable Justin to travel last spring to NYC with his school orchestra. I've enjoyed the opportunity it provided but I hear The Lord saying, "be available for more time with your kids." 

That job has also kept me from ministry opportunities. I know that women's ministry is my calling, so I'm recommitting to being available to the women and girls in my own sphere of influence. At this point I don't really know what this will involve, but I'm excited about whatever He works out. 

I've taught my children from the day they could understand it that disobedience brings consequences, but obedience brings blessing. These changes are more than just a new season, although I believe that is part of what He's up to in my life and ministry. My job change is an act of obedience. 

Father, this is a little scary but a lot exciting! I want to be completely obedient! Thanks for speaking to ME even though I was asking You to speak to everyone else!