Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Women of Christmas Week 3

If you are at all like me, now is the time in this little Bible study journey that you are tempted to give up! We are one week away from Christmas so now is the time to finish shopping and wrapping and baking and cleaning and...now is crunch time!! Surely there is no time to sit quietly and read, to contemplate and meditate! We've got things to do, people to see, places to go, and expectations to fulfill! We can be still later, right?

But we won't. I won't. It's basically now or never, because if the enemy can't tempt us to totally forsake God then he will tempt us with "busy-ness". The enemy wants us to celebrate Christmas like crazy but never slow down enough to contemplate the Messiah. 

Thank you for slowing down with me!

This week's assignment:

1. Pray for God to show you at least one fresh thing about the story of John's and Jesus' births this week. Document that request in writing right on a page in your book.

2. Read Luke 1:57-79 and Matthew 1:18-25. When was Zechariah allowed to speak? What does Zechariah say God has come to do? Were these words spoken before or after Christ's birth? Note all that Joseph says in the Matthew passage.

3. Read Chapter 5 of The Women of Christmas, highlighting anything that jumps out at you.

4. Read Luke 2:1-20. This is the passage we have heard all our lives at Christmas! Are you ever tempted to let it go "in one ear and out the other" because it's so familiar? What Christmas carols do we sing that accurately portray the scene? Do you ever visualize it based on carols or nativity scenes instead of what scripture recounts?  I realize this comes across as shameless mom bragging, but here's one song that I base my nativity visualizations on sometimes...anyone with me?  And by the way, this is my oldest son's public school chamber chorale group Una Voce!  Yes, I said public school...I almost shouted "AMEN" at the end!

5. Read Chapter 6 of The Women of a Christmas, and please tell me you learned something! Did reading Liz's well researched commentary give you any new insights? Any new questions?

Enjoy this week in The Word! Please comment on the blog so that the rest of us can learn too!

And by the way, I'm praying that you can't get the story out of your mind this week...even amidst the "busy-ness"! Merry Christmas!

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Robin said...

I had never considered that Joseph isn't recorded as saying anything in scripture. I find it amazing that he played such a vital role in the life of Jesus but really all we know about him is summed up in a few words by someone else.

Two things from the book jumped out at me. "I discovered how smoothly the world functioned without my constant verbal input." "I suspect...Zechariah had long meaningful conversations...with his Maker...asking the Lord's forgiveness...praising the Lord's mighty name, and seeking the Lord's unfailing counsel."

And "If we want to be changed...we must open our hearts and minds to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and trust God to do a mighty work in us..."

I am a talker and I am (hopefully) learning that sometimes my words will not help a situation. Arguing "my" point isn't going to change someone's mind. I want to press my point or opinion but I am coming to realize that more than my words for people to be changed they need to experience Jesus. So God is teaching me (and I am slow) that I need to be silent and trust him. That I should speak when He directs and not otherwise.

I am glad that he didn't use the discipline of silence to teach me like he did Zechariah. I pray that he will continue to be gracious to me in learning to speak his truth in his time.