Tuesday, June 24, 2014

God Is Able...week four

Exceedingly, abundantly, more than you could ask or imagine...beyond!  

This post will be shorter than most simply because how can you expound on the fact that God is transcendent?!  I love Priscilla's reminder on page 81 that God has always been trancendent:

"He's always been a God of abundance. Is there any reason other than God's beyondness that can explain why, when He decided to create water, He just went ahead and created whole oceans? Wasn't the intense heat and mass and spendor of a single star impressive enough all on it's own? Did He really need to go and create entire galaxies, raging with billions and billions of stars, most of which no human eye will ever see?"

I must admit that if never really thought about it like that!

Go ahead, name your deepest need, desire, aspiration, goal. I'm not asking you to write it down here, though this is a safe place to get it out into the open. But try to do more than naming it. Please offer it as a prayer to our exceedingly abundant, trancendent God. Then, if you dare, ask Him to do it...or even better! 

We can trust His sovereign knowledge of what is best for us as well as His entire Kingdom. And here's why I believe I can trust Him to know best, because He is not only able to Do more, but His capacity to LOVE me is exceedingly, abundantly more than I can fathom! His entire being is exceedingly beyond our comprehension so therefore His love for us is as well. I would do what's best for my children no matter what because my love for them is so great. My parental love is a drop in the ocean compared to God's love for me. It's beyond anything! Beyond beyond! (Suddenly I'm remembering when the boys were little and loved Buzz Lightyear! "To infinitey and beyond!")

Here's my one challenge for you this week in addition to reading chapter 4. Search scripture for at least one instance where someone got way better than what they asked for or imagined. Share what you find in the comments so we can learn with you! We could all share how He has done exceedingly abundantly more in our lives, but I want us to see the proof and precedent in scripture. 


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Susan Clabaugh said...

Naomi did, or for that matter Ruth! Both lost their husbands and Ruth found her kindsman redeemer and really so did Naomi! Naomi should have been left alone, but Ruth stayed with her and also gave her another son through Boaz! What a great story!