Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bucket List

It's been a good Spring break, but I can tell it's time for school because I've had time to dream. Honestly that doesn't happen very often in the middle of raising 3 busy kids, so I guess it's a blessing. Honestly, years ago I assumed that I would have accomplished all my goals by this age, but somewhere along the way my goals must have changed! Here's the bucket list I developed tonight. Some things may seem so shallow but cut me some slack! 😜

1. Raise responsible and respectful kids who verbalize their gratitude, use manners, stand up for others, and use their talents to serve God. I'd really like to live to SEE these things!!!

2. Go to Hawaii.

3. Learn to sew.

4. Take a Master Gardener class.

5. Run the New York marathon.

6. Visit Paris.

7. Take Sarah to NYC!

8. Write an anonymous teen mom blog that's real and honest and helpful.

9. Go to seminary.

10. Have granite countertops.

11. Own a bridal consultant business...yes, I've watched too much "SYTTD" this week!

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