Monday, May 21, 2012

Ah...sweet summer!

Today is the last day of school, and for this mom it is indeed bittersweet.  I am ready for no alarms at 5:30am and letting the boys sleep til they wake up.  I am ready for the leisure of getting to run in the mornings while Justin is home to watch Sarah and Caleb.  I am ready for later bed times, family movie nights, time at the pool, and no rehearsals or practices.  We will enjoy evenings at home as a family, slower paces, and less pressure.  That will likely last about 4 days until we are all tired of each other.

Let's just be honest!  I'm not looking forward to having everyone around all the time.  With that comes a messier house, more cooking, and the inevitable fussing at each other.  Yes, that happens at our house too.  I hope that most of the sweet friends who care to read my blog know this, but this family is just like everyone else's.  Justin, Caleb, and Sarah love us and each other I'm almost positive, but they are normal kids who argue with us and each other, can be pretty self absorbed, and will make you want to pull your hair out before 1pm.  I love them, but this is the part of summer that gives me the most opportunity to practice patience.  That being said, I'm stepping up my determination to be in the Word and in prayer every morning before they pounce out of bed.  It's my only hope!!  Before you judge, I know I'm supposed to be treasuring these moments they are still at home.  I know they grow up all too quickly!  I know all that but let's just be's tough raising kids.  I love them, but the reality is that some days will not be the ones you want to cherish.  I'm sure the "cherishing" days will outnumber those tough ones, but I have a plan just in case.

This summer looms before us, not yet tarnished and full of ideas.  I'm making a summer bucket list for us.  I offered this idea to the family two evenings ago and they pretty much just rolled their eyes and said, "Oh no!".  Caleb actually said, "A bucket list?  Are you dying this summer!?".  Who knows the answer to that, but I certainly hope not.  I do, however, want to accomplish some things while seeing and experiencing some things this summer...just in case! 

So here's what I've come up with so far.

Gayla's Summer 2012 Bucket List
Teach Sarah to swim
Robotics camp for Caleb
Host the LSW Drumline for dinner
Visit Deanna Rose Farmstead with Caleb and Sarah
Take Caleb to Legoland and the new aquarium
Ride roller coasters at Worlds of Fun with Justin
Go to the Parker's Lake House in Alabama
Eat at Lamberts Cafe
Teach Sarah to read
Take beach pictures on our vacation
Study the book of James with my girls at church, Hannah and Lilly
Go to a Royals game and a Cardinals game and a Braves game
Write some Bible study stuff
See at least 10 new fountains in the KC area
Eat BBQ at a KC place I've never tried before
Go camping

If you can think of something I should really do this summer let me know!  If we accomplish a couple of these I'll feel fulfilled! 


Tana Dowell said...

That's a great list Gayla! I pray there will be more cherished moments than not.

Ginny said...


I am loving your blog! I read it everytime there is a new entry. It's so fun keeping up with you and your sweet family through your posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart with us. You are a blessing!

One goal I try to set each summer is to try new recipes. I love to cook and there are so many fun fruits, meats, salads, herbs etc. to experiment with. Summer is the perfect time to slow down, fire up the grill, or just take a leisurely weekend or evening meal to have some fun with some new dishes!

Happy summer to you!