Saturday, August 10, 2013

A big week for us McKinney's coming up!

The past few weeks have flown by far too quickly. Since returning home from the beach we've had high school band camp, high school chamber choir retreat, about a million sleepovers, and lots of shopping for school. I started working in our preschool worship time on Sundays, and we hosted a ton of youth at our house for a huge party. I should be ready for school to start so that we can slip into a routine, but honestly I could cry just thinking about how crazy next week is going to be! (Those of you who really know me are not surprised at the thought of me crying, are you? One day I will blog about how I once cried while passing out GA badges years ago.)

Monday is Meet Your Teacher Night for Sarah! We are thankful for her new teacher, Amy Mautino, but I'm seriously nauseous about her going to kindergarten! Didn't we just learn about her! Wasn't she just born? I haven't had enough time with her, and I'm not ready for her to go. I cannot lie, I may be praying for Christ's return more than ever, like maybe tomorrow!!

I've been given some really fun and spiritually challenging opportunities next week. On Tuesday I get to appear on LifeWay's hostcast for all the churches who are hosting the Living Proof Live with Beth Moore simulcast. I've been asked to discuss how sites can best prepare to handle the invitation during the event. This means that I get to Skype with my boss and ministry mentor, Mickey McCloud. She will be in the studio in Nashville and I'll be at my desk (aka kitchen table) with my laptop and webcam. It's really no big deal and Mrs. Beth won't be fact she'll never even see it...but it's just my privilege to get to be a part of preparing women to pray with those who respond after God speaks truth to us on September 14 through Mrs. Beth. As privileged as I am, I'll admit I'm fairly nervous. I have no idea what to wear, and yes I'm that shallow. I guess I would be a bit bummed if that didn't happen, well but not if Jesus returned...right?

Then school starts on Wednesday! I literally have kids in three different schools! Justin will be a sophomore at Lee's Summit West. Caleb will be in the 8th grade at Summit Lakes Middle. Sarah will be in kindergarten at Longview Farm Elementary. Blake will drive the boys to school at 7am, and then we will take Sarah at 9am. After dropping her off in her class, we will attend the "Welcome to the Farm" meeting with all the other kindergarten parents. I have dreaded this day since the moment I found out I was pregnant (which is a blog post all by itself!!!). Blake and I can hardly wait to be THE OLDEST people in that room (sarcasm here!). I'm sure someone will ask if I'm her grandmother. I am literally old enough to be their mom, but I'm praying God just reminds me that perhaps wisdom comes with age. Wait, that's not exactly biblical though... 

Come Lord Jesus, come quickly!

After that meeting I will head to the airport and board a plane to Nashville. I'm getting another unbelievable opportunity to teach some women about prayer at LifeWay Women's 2014 City Coordinators Training. At 4pm on Wednesday, I will get to join my buddies at LifeWay and share how prayer is foundational as teams prepare for women's events in their cities. This doesn't really make me nervous because I ADORE my friends at LifeWay and I strongly believe that God is at work in this time, but I will miss the first day of school reports!

I'll get to spend 3 days in Nashville sharing in different ways and eating great food! (My buddies know how to spoil us at these meetings!) Chuy's, here I come! 

So if He tarries, I'll trust His timing.

Poor Blake will be a single dad during the first 3 days of school. I can't tell you how thankful I am to him for making this week even possible. He's learning to do hair and pick out matching clothes. He's learning to pack lunches and make dinners. Maybe Blake's the one praying for Christ's return the most! 

Happy last weekend of summer! Have some ice cream to celebrate! I just had to include this last picture because I want Blake to know that ice cream for dinner is perfectly acceptable in a pinch!


Diane Alesi said...

We miss you guys! Love reading your blog. Praying for you this week, sounds like you'll be busy, that is unless Jesus comes back. One thing that I've always appreciated about you is you're down to earth and are real. And yes,I remember you crying handing out GA awards, you just wouldn't be you without some tears. Love ya!

Gloria said...

Gayla, I love reading your blogs. You are such a blessing to all who know you. I can't believe Sara is beginning kindergarten.