Friday, August 23, 2013

Unbalanced and not afraid to admit it!

I have a love/hate relationship with Fridays. Fridays are great because Blake takes the day off.  For the first time in 5 years, we have some time with just the two of us.  We both manage the morning craziness so that we can get a little extra sleep, so what's not to love?  Fridays are also great because I typically get to spend a little time with my teenage girls from church, Hannah and Lilly.  We try to meet around 3pm to talk about God and have a little ice cream or Sonic drinks.  Friday nights are always fun as we can have a family dinner, sometimes even at a restaurant!  I can hardly wait for high school football season so that we can head out to LSW and cheer on those mighty Titans! (By the way, I know what the rest of my LS friends say, but the Titans are THE BEST team in LS!)

But here's the deal: all the fun of Friday means that Saturday will be a day full of catching up!

I have a confession, one that's not at all a surprise for those who really know me.  I am a person of zero balance!  I'm either one way, or I'm the complete OTHER way...all the time!  Seriously!  I'm either on a completely OCD kick about something, or I couldn't care less.  For example, when I'm trying really hard to be healthy and drop a few pounds, I write down every single calorie I take in on my phone app.  But give me about 2 weeks of that and I'm tossing it all to the wind and eating twinkies and Dr. Pepper for lunch.  I'm either engrossed in Bible study, and I mean something like Daniel or Revelation, or I'm barely even reading Blake's daily devotions that are emailed to me.  I'm either freaking out over the tiniest bit of dust, or you can't even see the floor next to my bed because I've accumulated stacks of books and papers and clothes I decided didn't look right at the last minute.

So Fridays are very tempting to me.

Fridays I usually revert to the "do nothing" side of my personality.  This make Saturday no fun for anyone!

Today, because I slept late and then had several ministry appointments, I didn't make the bed.  I didn't unload the dishwasher while Sarah was eating breakfast like I would normally.  That means I still have breakfast dishes in the sink.  I didn't stay on top of the kids to tidy their rooms this morning.  I didn't dust or clean windows, I didn't lay out anything for dinner, and I didn't even sweep the kitchen.  I talked on the phone to a dear friend, played with a sweet little boy at our church's teen mom's daycare, and I had lunch with my husband.  It was great, but tomorrow will kick my tail.

When the kids get home in a minute I will still be doing nothing, and I'll probably give them the afternoon and evening off as well. We won't do homework. We will likely watch DVR episodes of Duck Dynasty. Sarah and I will eventually do our nails whil finishing up the night with a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. It's an exciting life we lead!

Tomorrow I will wake up totally freaked out about how messy the house is and the axis will again tilt.

My poor family.

I'm not saying that my way of life is healthy.

However, I am grateful for days like today.  We all need days like today.  Fridays are my Sabbath days...which for some might be Sundays but we are a pastor's family.  Sundays are NOT Sabbath days for us.  I love Sundays, but we can't relax on Sundays.  Fridays were made for relaxing at the McKinney house.  Fridays are also great days to realize that if I let down my guard, God will still handle the world.  I'm not necessary.  Only He is necessary.

So here's to Friday Sabbaths!  I'll deal with the mess tomorrow and be thankful that I have a house to have to clean.

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