Monday, February 2, 2015

Daniel Plan Week 4

Well here we are about half way into our Daniel Plan initiation and, if you're reading this, at least you are still somewhat interested.  Let me congratulate you on taking the time to, at least, LEARN what it would take for you to feel better, be healthier, and honor God with the body He created for you.  I hope, however, that you are DOing more than just reading.  My very real prayer is that you are making some wiser decisions that include spending time in His Word and presence every day as well as eating fresher, more nutritious foods.  Knowledge is not enough.  Obedience is key to being able to serve Him with a healthy temple.  Obedience is not easy, especially in the beginning, but it is worth it!

So I'm asking the hard question:  Are you making changes?

And I'm asking an exciting question:  Are you seeing a difference in how you feel?

If the answer to the first question is yes, then I'd almost guarantee that the second answer is also yes.  If the answer to the first question is no, then why not?

How many of you are participating in the 10 day detox?

This week we begin reading about fitness.  Fitness really is vital to becoming "Daniel strong"!  Keep in mind that we aren't necessarily talking about becoming a marathon runner or a body builder when we talk about being strong like Daniel.  I love this quote from the book:

"Daniel possessed strength of faith, courage, obedience, devotion, dedication, endurance and discipline in body, mind, and spirit.  "

Oh that God could say that of me!

I'll be totally honest with you about fitness from my perspective.  I am not an athlete.  I could talk about food all day long and thoroughly enjoy eating new things, but the fitness part has been very hard for me.  It's not that I don't enjoy being active, but I have to work awfully hard to make the time to move.  And again in all honesty, when I'm done with everything else that has to be done, falling into bed is much easier than lacing up my shoes and sweating.  That's why I've come to understand that being active is actually one of those things that I MUST do before the day starts.  If I wait until I'm completely done with everything else or until I feel the strong desire to exercise...well that just won't ever happen.  So I don't wait, and I don't ask myself IF I'm going to do it.  I schedule it early and do things I enjoy...then I relish in the way I feel after it's done.

It's also become apparent to me that I won't consisitently do something that I hate.  The best exercise is the one you'll do!  I LOVE running outside by clears my head and gives me time to work on scripture memory or listen to worship music.  What do you love to do?  What is fun for you?  Spend some time this week trying to remember what you enjoyed playing as a child or what you think looks like fun!  Work the fun stuff into your fitness routine!

This week's homework:
1. Begin reading the chapter on fitness. It will take us 2 weeks so don't rush through it!

2. Choose at least one fun way to move on a daily basis. Schedule ahead of time at least 30 minutes per day, then treat this like you would any other appointment. Don't ask yourself if you want to move, just move!

3. Particularly search for the part in the fitness chapter that talks about "sitting disease" and let that shock you! I'd love for you to comment on what this research motivates you to do.

4. Continue memorizing scripture and eating the DP way. 

5. Tell us if you are seeing any results! Are you feeling better, taking less medicine, losing weight, moving more? Let's celebrate God's faithfulness to us!

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